Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Entity Outbreak!


We've been noticing a startling trend recently. Many clients are coming in with eerily similar things going on - aches and pains, feeling out of sorts, and feeling depressed or overwhelmed. Janice, as you will know if you've read this blog before, has the gift of clairvoyance. This gift has given her the ability to scan someone's energetic field. Surprisingly, she is finding more and more often that there are energetic entities attaching themselves to clients, family, friends and others.  

"Whenever I see a trend especially as much and as often as I have with this one lately. It is a heads up to pay attention, these lower energy entities are working overtime to keep us stuck in negativity. Although Entities are not a new phenomenon in our line of work. The number and frequency of them, however, is certainly way more than I have ever experienced. What accounts for this dramatic shift? It feels like a great way to get in the way of our ascension, as the vibration is getting higher and higher and we are shifting into new ways and awareness, there are lower energies that really want to try and stop us from this change," Janice said.

There seems to be a predictable trend for the entities that we are seeing.  There are some that are causing chaos, so the others can attach more easily to us. The only way for them to attach is when we are overwhelmed, stressed out, over tired, and are vibration is lowered. The way Janice describes it is that there are a few different types of entities. Some don't really have higher consciousness. These just follow their instinct, almost like an insect whose main goal is just to sustain itself. There are some who are more highly conscious who know what they are doing and try to actively lower your vibration. Finally, there are regular spirit entities, which are more like passed on spirits who've been stuck on this plane. The ones we are seeing often now are the ones who are more like parasites, whose presence makes you think and feel more negatively. When many things happen at once, and we begin to feel overwhelmed, entities may be circling around us creating the feeling of pressure, foreboding, and anxiety that takes our concerns to the next level. If you typically are pretty cool under pressure, and all of the sudden something you would normally be able to manage without too much effort is making you pull your hair out; you may have some energetic parasites working against you.

Once you feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or sad, the entities break into your energy field, attaching themselves to particularly weak areas (have you been feeling emotional? Maybe they'd attach to your stomach. Feeling like you can't speak your mind, perhaps your throat then). This is important because people often start to feel aches or pains in this area. If you have developed a backache out of nowhere that is persistent but hard to diagnose; it may be that is because the thing causing it is not visible to the naked eye.

Why do energy parasites do this? Well, like their more 3D cousins, parasites require a host to thrive. It's not that they are particularly nefarious or anything; they are just doing what they know how to do. They need energy to live, and you happen to have some. So they look for or create ways to attach to you. 

The effect of this is that you may feel overtired, drained or just plain off. Well, of course you do, because your energy is being diverted to something else without your knowledge! 

These things are often strange looking, but they aren't very threatening when you get down to it. They often take the appearance of leeches, crustaceans or snails, or may even look like odd bug-like things. 

So how do you check for entities?

Before your imaginations run wild, while this may seem scary; it really isn't.  Think of parasite removal of your body the same as you would for your garden.  You have a pest?  It's not a big deal, you just have to get the right tools to get rid of it, and protect the garden with additional security measures in the future.

Ways People Have Known They Have a "Stowaway":
- sudden or drastic change in behavior, especially behaviors leaning towards self-sabotage.
- suddenly feeling more tired, negative, or anxious without any real reason behind it.
- seeing an entity in a dream or visualization.
- having unexplainable persistent ache or pain.
- a low grade constant feeling of fear or feelings of being stuck.
- avoidance of an empath, psychic and/or healers
- feeling "under attack."
- a memory, even from long ago, of feeling that something else was there.
- being drawn to things you wouldn't normally be drawn to (ex: drugs, alcohol, harmful behavior)

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, you may have some sort of an energetic attachment.  Let's find out with the following:

Exercise to Help Discover "Stowaways"
Sit in a quiet place.
Imagine yourself surrounded in the white light of love and protection.
Call in your high white light angels, guides, masters and loved ones.
Mentally locate the ache, pain, feeling of fear, or anxiety and confront it. Ask yourself the following and listen for the answers.  They will come immediately and they will feel almost instinctual.
  • Is this me?
  • Is this an energy attachment?
  • Is this an entity?
  • Is this a spirit that needs help passing on?

Let the answers come.  If you feel like the source is something other than you, please contact us to schedule an entity removal.  Remember, that these entities don't really want to be removed and they may try to sabotage you're coming by creating time conflicts, instigating lapses in memory, or other "technical" difficulties.  It's important that you have someone who knows what they are doing to help the transition.  Just asking the entity to leave gives it permission to attach to someone else, or even you again after time has passed.
If you aren't having difficulty with any of the above symptoms, chances are you are clear. You will want to keep your vibration high, however, to ensure that you stay protected. Common ways to keep your vibration high include meditating, doing yoga, going for walks in beautiful areas, dancing, singing and the like. If you have a bad day, don't stress too much, we all have bad days. If, however, that bad day continues and if you have a habit of turning to drugs or alcohol or other destructive tendencies when you are feeling depressed then maybe consider adding extra protection and scheduling an appointment. These parasite like things tend to be able to attach easier when we are feeling down or have our faculties at a disadvantage, as they are when we drink too much.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at miylana@aol.com!

Friday, March 18, 2016

If Relaxation is So Great, Why'd They Make It So Hard?

We've all heard the normal relaxation techniques: deep breathing, get a massage or meditate, get outside and go for a walk. These things are great, but what if you can't do them right now or don't have the time or money? Then they certainly won't help. Or what if they just aren't your thing? Not everyone is going to love yoga, afterall.

There are many ways to relax in this world, but finding what works for you is hard when we are strapped for time. Many people may not consider unconventional options. Take a look below and maybe you'll find that something slightly off the beaten path is more your style.

1. ASMR 

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it is a growing field of interest to researchers. Take a look at an ASMR video on youtube, and you may be going, 'Huh?" but the results of listening or watching one are pretty interesting. The theory is that low stimulus sounds, such as whispering, the sound of someone flipping a magazine page, or brushing sand around, are actually very soothing, and help to activate brain waves usually associated with relaxation. It won't necessarily work for everyone, and some sounds might work better than others, but it's gaining interest and followers. Some videos on youtube have upwards of 400,000 views... that's pretty interesting! So go on youtube when you're at work or trying to chill out at home, and find a video. Maybe put in your headphones to block out other sounds, and see if it helps you to relax. Some ASMR-ers also report tingling sensations up their spine, around their skull, and in their hands and feet.

2. Scream 

Far different from listening to the soft soothing sounds of ASMR, sometimes, you just got to get out all the feels. Screaming can be a nice way to rev up and release. If you have a pillow, it might be better to use it to scream into rather than alarm the neighbors by yelling at the top of your lungs outside (that's how the police get called)!  Getting out a good yell can be cathartic, and release energy that may be blocked by stuck emotions. Don't be surprised if you end up having a good cry after your scream. If that happens, just know that whatever was stuck and been cleared, and let your body express itself how it needs. You'll definitely feel better after, and may even be able to come to a better solution because things are flowing more!

3. Rage

One level up from screaming would be raging. Raging would mean getting your body involved. You want to make sure you are alone for this one. Remember, we're not yelling at ourselves, or hurting ourselves or others, but we are going to release pent up anger, frustration, and other pesky emotions by running amok, so to speak. Maybe hit your pillow instead of just screaming into it, run around, punch the air (and only the air), kick, spin around, roll on the ground kicking and screaming, and just let it all out. I often think we do ourselves a disservice by teaching children to store their emotions away rather than let it out with a good tantrum. Life's tough! We could learn something from our youngers, and remember that it's important to respect and honor our feelings by expressing them. If you've been swallowing feelings of anger, frustration, and been overwhelmed, and stressed recently; then a good rage tantrum should do the trick. Just remember to use it as a tool rather than a behavior to fall back on when you're upset over something. Solving the problem should always be number one, but if you are having trouble releasing the frustration the problem created, then a good rage may be just the ticket.

4. Play a game

If you have kids or a dog, then getting out and playing chase, tag, keep away, or something of the sort can really help you make a big shift. If you are without playmates right at the moment, then consider signing up for a league of some sort in a game that you enjoy playing. It doesn't have to be sports either. I have roommates that de-stress by playing video games, but getting your body moving isn't a bad idea, either. Moving around, channeling your energy into something fun and constructive may be just what you need to get out the things that are bothering you and help you see it all from a new perspective.

5. Write a strongly worded letter to whatever is bother you

The letter doesn't have to be to a person, either. I have drafted a letter to the dishwasher before. In the letter I asked the dishwasher why, exactly, it needed to break the same week that I was starting a new job, having my landlord do a walk through, and didn't have the time or the energy to deal with fixing it. While I didn't send the letter (...to the dishwasher, that wouldn't make sense!) because just getting out my frustration with the turn of events helped me to get over it and move on. Writing things down is proven to help you to process them, and release the associated emotions. So whether it's to the dishwasher, or the car, or to Uncle Bill, or the guy who cut you off on the highway, get the emotions out by writing them down. Sending the letter is optional, and not always recommended, but writing it is a help all on it's own!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Soulmates in Your Past Lives

Healing From Past Life Relationships

I feel like I've met you before. 

Have you ever had a connection that was so immediate that it seemed like someone you've always known just popped in and re-introduced themselves. How do I know this person? You might think, only to come up short. 

Our culture has done a good job at blowing this whole soulmate concept right out of the water. We're inundated from childhood with images of the princess and prince, the couple who would do anything, including give their lives, for each other. And yet, in my own life, these intense soulmate connections have proved challenging. I tend to run into them thinking, Finally! Prince charming! only to leave going What the hell happened?

It seems that at least some soul connections require healing from past interactions. Certain people do come into our lives to work out past karma, and others will carry an energetic signature of a past dynamic. Were you and a loved one at some point a master and a slave? Do you feel that way in your current situation, like you're playing out a specific role like an actor in a play? Almost without trying, you continue in a behavior that doesn't make sense for the current situation. Why is it so hard to get out of this? You might think. Believe me, I've been there. What we bring in with us from the past can certainly require extra effort to identify and release. 

When I first met Joey (name changed, for obvious reasons) it was straight out of a movie. Dressed in my best, headed to a party, I swept passed a garden stand, relishing the divinely heavy floral scent when out of nowhere; a tall, handsome man in trousers and rolled sleeves stepped out into my path. "Miss, miss, wait a minute, sit with me," he said, gesturing to two chairs off to the side. Immediately, an aura of otherworldliness descended upon me, catching me off guard. What, how, why? I had no words, but hesitantly acquiesced and took a seat across from this man.

Somehow, we had a discussion- names, where are you from, what do you do- but it was as if we were just checking in on the particulars of each others' lives like we would listen to the details of a loved one's day. It was as if we were catching up.

Being around him was like having a spotlight on me. I felt wrapped in a blanket of love and warmth. It was the stuff of old love songs.  

Are the stars out tonight
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I only have eyes for you dear

When it came crashing to an end, which it did after I found out he had lied about some pretty important parts of his life (example: being single, for one); I have never cried so hard. It felt like my future had been taken away from me. The plans we had made were dissolved just like that. It was an abrupt change, and a hard one. I found myself seeking some explanation for the intensity of not only our connection, but the break up. Why had he lied? Seeking answers, I turned to past-life regression.

Past life regression can be extremely helpful and illuminating for things that challenge us for reasons that just don't make sense to us. Why do we get really afraid when we get close to a large animal (maybe you were eaten by one), or why do we have trouble opening up (a loved one in the past betrayed us), or even why we can't have something tight wrapped around our neck (guillotine anyone?). We do come in with certain tendencies. A friend's daughter, for instance, is highly self-conscious, easily upset, always concerned that she's being cheated, and sensitive when even gently corrected. She has particular challenges that her siblings just don't have. There are certainly a number of factors that one can attribute this to. You can put it off to nature, nurture, or a combination of the two, but I tend to think it's something her spirit came in with. Not chemical, but spiritual.

In my past life regression session, I found myself with Joey on a crowded cobbled street. Although he looked different, I recognize him by the way he felt - comfortable, warm, and funny. We were children, poor, and petty thieves. At some point, I stole something, blamed him, and left him to deal with the consequences. Seeing this life play out before me was really helpful by allowing me to see the inner workings of our history that engineered our meeting. Our spirits were connected by a karmic debt. I, in a way, owed him.

So how do we stop this cycle of betrayed-betrayal? How do we come to a neutral place? The answer, I believe, is forgiveness. Forgiving myself, and forgiving him. Without this, I may forever hold a grudge, cease trusting men, or even stop myself from experiencing love again. I might condemn him, never to understand that his motivations for doing what he did were, at least in part, something he didn't necessarily have control over. Perhaps his intentions were really good, and then everything sort of got away from him. It allows me to see the other possibilities rather than feeling like a victim and remaining hurt.

If you're interested in learning more about past-life regression and soulmates, come check out our soulmates and reincarnation class tomorrow night on Learnitlive.com. Janice is leading it, and you're sure to learn alot. If you can't come tomorrow, check out the recording. You can still undergo the hypnotherapy, even if its after the fact. If you have any questions, comments, or maybe even your own story to share; feel free to comment below or email us! 

Monday, February 29, 2016



When Janice used to try to describe herself to people, she would often say she was a life coach with a twist. Eventually, she settled on life interpreter rather than life coach, as the techniques she used in helping people to change their lives was more akin to teaching them to speak a new language than it was in training them for a big game. This metaphor is of course somewhat imprecise, but the take away should be that there is a lot more going on with a session with Janice than there is with a typical life coach. This has to do with her specific perspective and training.

A life coach is a supporter, a confidante, someone who you can feel open with. They are someone who can act as an objective observer in your life. Isn't it true that we can often see what other people should do but it's hard to tell for ourselves what we should do? A life coach can be trained, or untrained, depending on the person. It is not completely unrealistic to think that some people are just better at being objective observers, supporters, and confidantes, and perhaps they wouldn't require training. Others will have a smattering of certificates and trainings. Certainly, licensed psychologists and psychiatrists abound and are well trained. So what makes life interpretation so different from what other people are doing? And what, exactly, are we interpreting?

The easiest answer to this is that we are interpreting your own thoughts, actions and reactions so that you can better understand yourself. Why do you act the way you act? What do you have this job, this sort of relationship? It's deep questioning with often startling answers.  Some people might understand their own motivations and know why they think the way that they think, but surprisingly, most people aren't really sure why they do what they do. Imagine that! Where are you on that spectrum? For most of us, we're operating from our habits, learned behaviors, and false beliefs. It's pretty fascinating when you start to see how you are creating your world from your understanding of it.

You may be surprised to find out that most traditionally trained mental health professionals aren't focusing at all on helping you to re-write your core beliefs. What!? you might be thinking, and I was surprised to learn this too. This idea just hasn't yet made it's way into the mainstream, although it's been very popular in alternative methods and Eastern philosophies for a long time.

The way that Janice has helped people to gain understanding into their programs is typically three fold.

First, to get the hang of this, you need to learn first how to de-stress (most people are way too stressed to even begin to think about changing the way their mind works!).

After people begin to learn how to relax and gain some space in their day to learn about other things, she will talk to them about how energy works. Many studies are coming out about just how interconnected and affected by each other we really are. If someone you don't even know, like a friend's friend, or a neighbor down the street has a bad day, why would that affect you? The answer lies in energy. People are so much more attuned and aware than we give ourselves credit for. The reason for that is that our subconscious is doing much of the processing of the stimulus around us and not letting on to the conscious mind. Surprisingly, even though we aren't consciously aware of it, these stimuli processed by the sub-conscious still affect how we are feeling. In one study done by Cornell University in tandem with Facebook found the following: 

"Over a one-week period in 2012, they changed the content of news feeds for a random sample of Facebook users. For one group of users they removed content that contained positive words, for another group they removed content that contained negative words. They then measured whether subtly biasing the emotional content in this way changed the emotional content of status updates by the users. Sure enough it did. Making feeds more negative led to more negative behaviour, and vice versa."  Source

The good news about this is that as we are learning more about how much we are affected by each other and the subtle subconscious cues we are receiving. We are also learning how to protect ourselves and become more aware so that we can limit the amount of noise triggering emotional responses from our brains. This is the second tier of Janice's work with her clients: she teaches them to protect themselves from unwanted emotional contagions.

Lastly, we talk about beliefs. Learning to control our stress level and the energetic signals we are receiving is really about understanding what exactly is affecting us and sort of wiping off that extra muck that makes it hard for our wheels to spin. While you are really talking about beliefs the whole time you are working with Janice, beliefs become the main focus at some point when you start to master energetic messages and stress. What things are you creating and why? This is by no means the easiest part of your learning, either. Beliefs exist for a reason, typically to protect us. The road to self-awareness isn't necessarily straight. My own journey has had many detours, re-routes (haven't I seen this tree before?) and breakdowns, but it certainly has left me in a much more livened state than when I started. So, will you take this journey with us? Will you learn to interpret your life and in so doing truly awaken to your potential?

This is a BIG learning curve, and an exciting one. Just imagine, if you knew you were creating your life, what you could create differently? I can think of a few things for myself!

That, in summation, is pretty much the difference, from what I can tell, between a life coach and a life interpreter. Let us hear your thoughts!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Manifestation Magic: How to Get What You Want.



We decided to put down seven steps on the magic of manifestation. Why seven steps? Because seven is a lucky number, of course! Manifestation is supposed to be fun.  We like to make everything way more serious than it needs to be, which goes against the process of creation. Not that you can't create serious things, of course you can and people do, but at some level; it's good if we can enjoy the process.  If we're constantly pushing ourselves to create things that we think we ought to do, rather than things we really want to do, we may get burnt out on creating and think that in fact, it's not that much fun when really it's how we're doing it that makes it challenging!  We think we need to trudge along and lug every boulder to build what we want, but often its a matter of putting yourself out there time and again and being observant for opportunities. Before you know it, your moment will arrive. If you want more fun times with this, come to our Vision Board Workshop this coming Monday, February 8th at 6:30pm in Monroe, CT (video tutorial to follow for all our non-local readers). Email us for more information!

7 Steps For Magical Manifestation!

1. Get a Clear Idea of What You Want.

You can't make anything happen for yourself when you aren't being clear about what you want. If you are unsure what you want right now but know you want something, see what you think about when you aren't self-editing your inner monologue. What do you dream about, whether it's day dreaming or while you are asleep? You may find that there is some correlation. It may be something as simple as finding yourself saying "I've always wanted..." in a conversation. What is it that you've always wanted, but have put off? What is the next adventure you want to embark on? There's so much we can do in our world. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself as you consider your options. Remember, it's supposed to be fun. Think about yourself as an explorer. What have you always wanted to try?

2. Write Down What You Want. 

Try to be as detailed as possible - not in the way you are going to get it- but the details of having it. What does it look, smell, feel like? Who is with you? What are your aims? How do you feel when you have this thing? Once you have a clear idea of the specifics of what you want, think about it - often. Recreate the experience of having it in your mind, and place yourself there. You can also make a vision board! What is a vision board? It's a collection of words, pictures, and concepts that you want to create in your life. If you want to be walked through this process, come to our vision board workshop this coming Monday! If you're not local, keep an eye out for the video tutorial to follow. OR sign up for our email list.

3. Keep an Eye on False Beliefs that Go Against What You Want

Do any of the items on your list seem to conflict with each other? Such as, if you want to advance in your career but you also want to spend more time with your kids, do you have an innate belief that these two can't happen at the same time? That's what we call a false belief. Many people are able to be both successful and family-oriented. Do you believe that you are capable or worthy of the thing you want? If the answer is no, then we need to start to change that script.

4. Catch yourself when you're thinking negatively.

In order to change the script, you need to keep an eye on your mental dialogue. Sometimes we are so caught up in what's happening that we fail to see that our mind is doing much interpreting of the events of our life. Where are you assuming and jumping to conclusions about in your life? How often do you think negative thoughts about yourself? How often do you say: I can't do it, I don't know, or I'm not ready?
  • If you catch yourself saying something negative or that conflicts with what you want to manifest say: Cancel, cancel, cancel! And then re-envision yourself with that thing!

5. Look For Opportunities That Come To You - Develop Awareness

After you have made it clear what you want, you have to keep your eyes open! Remember the anecdote about the man who prayed every day to win the lottery and at some point an angel comes to him and says, "Hey, do us a favor, buy a ticket!"  You have to meet your dreams half way! You always want to stay as relaxed as possible and do away with stress. This is an important step for creating more awareness as it's hard to stay focused if we are over-stressed. Mindful meditation or hypnotherapy is a great way to begin to attune your mind to details you might miss if you are too stressed, distracted, or overwhelmed to notice when an opportunity is looking you in the face!

6.Note Successes With Gratitude! 

When you have made a step towards what you want, celebrate! Don't let the important steps you take towards manifesting what you want go unnoticed! Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep an eye out for opportunities to celebrate, even if they are small. It's important to reiterate and reaffirm that you want your goal and practice gratitude for the things you have been given. Pat yourself on the back for taking advantage of opportunities to move forward, even if it's in small ways! 

7. Let It Go and Have Faith!

Manifesting something small, like an extra twenty bucks this week, may take less time than manifesting something more involved like a big promotion (although maybe not!) It all depends. But the thing to keep in mind is that manifestation works for us, and works much better if we aren't sitting there actively being aware of how the thing we want hasn't arrived yet. This may actually be blocking you from seeing an opportunity to create what you want. You must stay open to possibility. You may get a big promotion, but in a vastly different way that you expected to! It may take time, but as long as you put in there that you want things to happen in a way that has your best interest at heart, you'll be in good hands. Have faith that what you want will find you and remain open to it showing up. Know that it's coming!

Let us hear your stories on manifestation! Have you ever had something you wanted show up out of the blue? 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Please Help Us Help Others By Helping Yourself!

Did you know?
Janice and her assistant, Christine, record a podcast entitled How to Survive Earth School, in which they discuss the daily troubles and challenges that many people are facing and how to overcome them in the unique way Janice has developed.

But What is a Podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show! Many people produce and broadcast podcasts on all manner of things - music, talk shows, interviews, advice, education and more! Unlike normal radio, podcasts are published on and can be accessed through the internet. You can also get them on a smartphone if you have one, and listen to your favorite shows anywhere! 

Why Should I Listen To How to Survive Earth School?

Thank you to everyone listening to the podcast! If you haven't yet, then take a listen. How to Survive Earth School is free of charge and is essentially a gift from Janice to you. It's full of advice, helpful tools and exercises, reminders on how we create our reality, buy our beliefs, and tips for how to change all of it.

Why Are You Asking Me To Review the Podcast?
We're asking people to review because it helps us get more attention on podcast charts. Like normal radio, podcasts have ratings. The more people listen to and review the podcast - the higher up on the charts it gets, which attracts more attention. If you've spent any time with Janice, you know that she has a very different and extremely helpful way of seeing the world. In this challenging time, we truly believe that this message is one that people really need to hear. It helps us all if more people can stop buying their programs and begin to do something different with their lives. Understanding that the way we perceive the things around us is an illusion and that we can change it is absolutely pivotal for us to get out of the rat race and cycle of violence the world has been experiencing. But - people need to work on it at the personal level before we can make changes on a global scale.

How Do I Review How to Survive Earth School?
Reviewing Janice's podcast is easy and quick. Here's the steps to follow. First, though, you'll need to be at a computer with Itunes downloaded on it. Unfortunately, you cannot review a podcast through your smartphone.

1. Go to your Itunes application on your computer and open it.
2. Click on the button that says Itunes Store.
3. In the search bar, type: "How to Survive Earth School" and click enter.
4. Click on the image of How to Survive Earth School. DON'T click on an episode, this will just play the podcast.
5. Under the name of the Podcast, click on "Ratings and Reviews".

6. Click "Write a Review". Give us the number of stars you would like! You may need to sign in or sign up to do this step. It does not cost any money to sign up.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to review How to Survive Earth School! We hope you are enjoying it and sharing it with your friends and family. We want to help as many people as possible to feel better, stop proving their programs, and lead happier, healthier lives. Remember, if you have any questions for Janice to include on the podcast, email us at miylana@gmail.com.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Here's a few of the messages I've received from you all these past couple of days:

"I don't even care it's the holidays... When it rains, it pours, if it can go wrong it will go wrong. It's just all at once that I have to deal with finals and work out of the blue and shipping boxes and errands and people visiting for only a short time frame that can't be put it off until later... and then while at it, everything breaks..."
"The anxiety this morning is way overwhelming and not even quite clear as to where it is coming from... It feels unmanageable and is making me feel like I want to run and hide. The minute I got out the door it hit me like a ton of bricks."
"December is my hardest month to get through.... I always get sick this time of year. I get the most abuse when I need support. When I feel bad about myself I get the extreme abuse. What the f###? I know I am creating this. This sucks!!"
"I feel really f*cked up, lots of anxiety, and I really don't know what else I can do. We just have a complete miscommunication over really basic stuff that should be talked out. I don't know I just wanted to tell you.."

Wow, folks! I wish I could wave my magic wand and help you all get rid of these overwhelming feelings, but unfortunately that's not the way this works! As my angels and guides tell me it would be like being given the answers to the test and you wouldn't learn anything. So, this challenging, overwhelmed, no time, no support thing seems to be something we all just need to go through right now, including me. I am so exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained. I used to enjoy the holidays - decorating, cooking, baking and looking for special gifts, getting to spend more time with the ones I love...

Well, I wish I could tell you that it has been fun like that these last few years, but it has become more of "I don't want to do this" than a joyous celebration. I hear this so often these days. I can tell you as an empath and a human being, I feel it all and have gone through most of it and am continuing to work on my journey to be an unconditional loving being, but it's not easy!

It does not matter what level you are at, there is always more to learn and the lessons are pushing us all. There is so much to understand about what is taking place as we traverse this journey that is unlike any other. But one thing is for sure, we are on a journey that makes us feel, feel and feel some more.

Over the past few years, as the evolution of our planet has gone into overdrive, we are getting hit left and right with so much so often that most people can't take anymore. We are in a time where as I say often, no matter how much you run, hide, ignore, and/or try and numb it away, all of your fears will be in your face, growing bigger and bigger until we finally stop. Stop being afraid of ourselves, each other, our future, our past and take a good long look at what we are doing and why.

We are all over the place, out of control, feeling unsafe and afraid. The changes are happening, faster and faster these days. "Our stuff" what ever it is for each of us, is making us sick and tired of being sick and tired, yet we still continue doing the "supposed to." We've got to let go of that.

When others step in and help us prove our stuff, it doesn't help either. We're all in this together, though, and everyone is growing and learning. That's why we're all here.

I wish I could tell you an easy way to make it all better, all go away. That is what the work is for! At this time, though, we really have to do the work, so it can be easier, when we have those buttons pushed, and it's in our face. We will know what it is trying to show us and help us with, instead of just repeating the same old programs to prove our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world. It is also going to feel like we don't have time to do anything because we really don't have time to do anything! Time is sped up. Things are moving fast. So understanding what is going on is going to be imperative to your evolution.

Take solace knowing that many many people out there are having the same issues and frustrations pop up. You are not alone. The energy is crazy right now. It's there to push us towards doing this a better way, but we're still in progress, sort of in the middle of the hourglass, trying to make our way through to the better, lighter, happier other side.

Do the work, because it will help. There is no way out only through, so it's up to you, your life, your spirit, your choice. What do I mean by the work? I mean learning to understand how we work, what it's really trying to help you with and the exercises, tools and tips I give you all to help you to feel better. Sit down, breathe, meditate, shake off, look at why something makes you feel a certain way, where it's coming from and what it makes you feel about yourself ultimately. Write it down, keep emailing your frustrations, get it all out. Make a daily practice for yourself. You have to do the work to have it have an affect on you.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, then go watch our Energy Basics and Energy Affects classes. The first is 30 minutes and the second is an hour. Find the time to learn what and how you can do to better protect yourself from all of this energy.

If you have a commute, take a listen to How to Survive Earth School. It's a great way to remind yourself of the tools we use to process experiences.

Do your best, don't stress too much. This is something we're all just going to have to go through right now, but remember we are all in this together and together we can learn to not only survive but to thrive!

With Love